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Ana Trillo - Mata Ortiz (1).jpg

Mata Ortiz Ceramicist

Born and raised in a town called El Rucio, which is about 10 miles south of Mata Ortiz Chihuahua, Ana Trillo came into the world on January 26, 1970.  In 1985, at the age of 15, Ana married and moved to Mata Ortiz, where her four children Adrian, Ricardo, Martin and Daniel were all born and raised.  


Ana learned the pottry trade from her friend Elvira Antillon, who is the wife of Damian Quezada. 

Ana has participated in local and national competitions such as the national ceramics competition of Tlaquepaque, Jalisco.  She is recognized nationally and internationally, with exhibits in different parts of the Unite States, including New York, Chicago, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, California, among others.


Ana continue to dedicate herself to her life passion in Mata Ortiz, where she has a workshop and gallery.   

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