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Sandra Lopez 

Born on May 26, 1978 to Josefina Servin Barriga and Feyecido Lopez, Sandra Lopez Servin was born in Patzcuaro, and raised in Santa Cruz, which is in the municipality of Tzintzuntzan. Raised with her great aunts and many cousins, Sandra was taught by her aunty Berta Servin Barriga, who she also considers her second mom. Being trained by such a maestra, Sandra has always been determined to create fine pieces with the precision and detail so many of us value in her and Berta's mesmerizing workmanship.

Sandra began embroidering when she was 12 years old, and has already had a wonderful career for more than 32 years. Having won more than 15 awards, and started her own shop, Sandra has received several recognitions as a master craftswoman. Sandra was especially proud when she was granted a Reconocimiento during Dia de Muertos 2018, as this is very difficult to achieve during such a grand competition.


Some of the details that differentiate Sandra's exquisite works include the detailing on the clothing of her characters. While many artists may embroider a woman in a dress with a white apron, Sandra's dresses will have fringes and other details, and her aprons may also have another colour threaded into the piece somehow. Even clothes that are hanging on laundry lines are detailed and colourful, rather than comprised of solid colours without extra decoration. Her tapestries of the fishermen may include three vessels, but all of the nets will be at different stages of the catch, with some being raised up high, others in butterfly format, and one being gathered by the captain of the boat. This special focus on bringing a scene to life is very special, and certainly one of the reasons her pieces fetch higher prices, and win so many awards.

Sandra's eldest daughter, Paola Reyes Lopez, is also a beautiful embroidery artist, though as she is often studying for school, she doesn't embroider full-time. Sandra's youngest daughter Karla Reyes Lopez is still learning to master the art of bordados, but enjoys stitching.


After hearing so many wonderful things about her, and helping clients procure some of Sandra's pieces, we first finally met Sandra in person in 2020, during the Pandemic. Her cubre-bocas were incredibly designed, and so beautifully embroidered, we purchased 40 of them to start, and have been ordering them since! Sandra created 32 cubre bocas with Dia de Muertos themes for our guests last year, and this year created 36 tea towels featuring Janitzio Island with a marigold altar, and butterfly fishermen in their boats. The precision, detail and consistency was incredible, and she is so professional to work with. We were also really pleased with some small-sized Tapestries she created for a trip we took with friends last summer, as she created 4 lovely pieces for all of us, with special attention to the colour of our clothing, my red hair, and the little dog that followed our guide Jaime Hernandez Balderas, all the way to the church ruins, and back. It is always such a pleasure to work with someone who is so dedicated to quality and who is engaging, enthusiastic and passionate about the pieces she produces. We highly recommend working with this artist, for art collection, fashionable wardrobe pieces and custom orders.

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