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FEATURE ARTIST - Fine Art Paintings: Briseida Zepeda

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

For anyone who loves the arts, Mexico is a thriving matron of creativity that exists not only through history, but as a way of life. Modern restaurants feature locally handcrafted furniture, dishes, mats, and other accessories, buildings are ornamented with vibrant and fantastic murals, villages feature exclusive and specified handicrafts, and there are innumerable galleries in every city and urban area showcasing handcrafted, outsider and fine art.

In the discipline and study of fine-art, many enthusiasts, in particular women, gravitate towards the eccentric personality of Frida Kahlo, who is arguably among the most radical and enigmatic female artists of all time, and certainly in Mexico. As a fan of Kahlo's feminism and out-spoken personality, it is easy to hyper-focus on her work and narrative, especially in an era of Frida-mania. After moving to Mexico, it became a personal passion and heartfelt obligation to investigate lesser-known female artists of Mexico, some of whom were even connected to Kahlo and Rivera, yet enjoyed less press. As an art dealer long devoted to unknown and emerging artists, I also believe it is most important to promote and support those who are alive and creating today.

Born in Mexico City in 1957, Briseida Zepeda moved to the Michoacan city of Uruapan when her family relocated in 1964. In 1976, following graduation, Briseida returned to Mexico City and enrolled in the Department of Graphic Communication of UMAN at the San Carlos School of Plastic Arts. In 1980, Briseida continued her studies and art production after moving to the city of Guanajuato, where she remained until 1992. Her return to Michoacan concluded with a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2010, which was an Artists and Career Project proposed by the Ministry of Culture of Michoacan with the University of Guadaljara, Jalisco.

Zepeda’s noted teachers are Mohamed Sciddel, Luis Nishisawa, Alberto Gironella, Aron Demetz, Sergio Valadez, among many others. Zepeda has participated in more than 60 collective exhibitions and has had 10 personal exhibitions in various Mexican states. She participated in different Graphic painting and Sculpture workshops and has produced work in these three different mediums and disciplines. Zepeda has lived in the city of Patzcuaro since 2017, and is the proprietress of La Casa de la Sirena (The House of the Mermaid) art gallery.

When you visit Briseida's home and studio, you will enjoy a unique opportunity to learn about many important Mexican women who influenced the arts, one of whom will be your humble host. A teacher for over 35 years, Briseida retired to focus on her own career as an artist, and is as prolific as she is intuitive and expressive. Her works feature legendary characters and stories from Mexico and abroad, ancient cultures, spiritual subjects, feminism and surreal landscapes.

I was grateful for Briseida's assistance during Fiesta for Frida in July, and am looking forward to working with her again, for our second art-creation festival, which is scheduled for May 20-21, 2023. From painting an inspired portrait of Frida Kahlo for our poster, to teaching our most popular workshop, her ingenuity and professional approach was helpful, not only as an artist and teacher, but with event planning and logistics. As someone who has always approached her career from a serious and professional standpoint, a visit to Briseida's studio is a rich, memorable and joyful experience.

Please contact us if you are in Patzcuaro, and would like to visit Briseida's studio, or would like to see more of her work.

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