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Mezcal Ambassador
& Team Member

Mayra Malo is a Mezcal Ambassador with 10+ years of professional experience in the agave industry. She owns one of the most distinctive brands of mezcal in Michoacán, along with her family.

As she distributes her brand, Mayra works to protect, preserve, dignify and spread the culture and traditions involved in producing this ancient Mexican spirit. She takes special enjoyment in doing so by giving tastings as she gets to guide people through the proper way of drinking the agave spirit and meets tradition and fun by mixing drinks into the most delicious mezcal mixology cocktails.

Mayra was named Reina del Mezcal (Queen of Mezcal) by the Women's Mezcal Association of Michoacán in 2020.

From 2017 to 2019 Mayra was the tour guide at the Interpretation Center of the Don Vasco Route, where she fell in love with sharing the history, culture, architecture, traditions, festivities and cuisine of Pátzcuaro.

With a wide knowledge of everything that comes with her town, she's passionate towards contributing in educate as many people as possible in the awareness of Purépecha's venerable heritage.

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