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Juana Lopez
Psychologist, Back-Strap Weaver, Presenter & Team Leader

Born to Miguel Lopez and Juana Diaz on Junly 19, 1992 in the Tzotzil Maya village of Choyo, Santiago El Pinar, Chiapas Mexico, Juana Lopez Diaz is a fluent speaker of Tzotzil and Spanish.  When she was 15 years old, Juana enlisted in cultural heritage, health and business courses, and by 2014 had received honourable mention for the completion of her studies as a psychologist. 


Today, Juana works as a psychologist, a waist-loom artisan teacher, and is the President and founder of the Choy Spolavil Cooperative, which is comprised of artisans and designers.  Juana also works as an interpreter for Tzotzil and Spanish languages and is the municipal councilor for local women.


Juana is inspired by the Maya concept Lekil Kuxlejal (if you are fine, I am fine), and is passionate about the protection of cultural heritage.

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