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Jaime Hernandez
Licensed National Guide

Jaime Hernandez was born and raised in Patzcuaro, and has been a National Guide for many years.  For some, guiding is a job or a career, but for Jaime, it's a lifestyle.  Fluent in Spanish, English and proficient in P'urepecha, Jaime's fascination with culture and world history offers incredible insights into the impact of the world on Mexico, and Mexico on the world. 


We truly appreciate Jaime's dedication to respecting traditional protocols when organizing tours that bring guests to local communities and families, as having an invitation sets a different understanding of indigenous communities, than simply arriving and intruding.  We are honoured to work with such an esteemed and knowledgeable guide and friend. 

Aside from working with independent tour agencies and hotels, Jaime owns and operates his own company called Animecha Tours.  We are more than happy to connect guests with Jaime, and highly recommend touring with him.

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