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Adrian Ceja Madrigal
PhD Candidate

Adrian Ceja Madrigal is a Biologist and Master of Science graduate of the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo (UMSNH), and PhD Candidate in Biological sciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Adrian is currently developing his doctoral thesis, entitled "Ecology of Invasive Birds in Mexico," at the Functional Ecology Laboratory of the Institute for Research in Ecosystems and Sustainability (IIES) Morelia campus.    

Among the main objectives of Adrian's thesis, is the historical invasion processes of exotic birds at the national level, the factors of habitat structure related to their invasive success, and the potential effects of their presence on native bird communities in environments modified by human activities.  

In addition to studying birds, Adrian is very passionate about bird-watching.  His favourite hobby is going out to watch birds with friends and other bird enthusiasts, and he has truly enjoyed working as a birding guide with national and foreign birdwatchers.

We first met Adrian in 2017, while seeking someone knowledgeable to lead a bird tour for 4 avid birders.  Recommended by the University as being a passionate birder, as a Masters Student with ample experience identifying birds in Guerrero, we met with Adrian and hired him the tour.  The guests returned from their excursion singing praises of the over 50 birds Adrian had been able to identify for them, while in the field.  Over the years, since then, Adrian has taken groups out on tour for us, and all have returned with praise about his excellence.  We are very honored to work with such a dedicated and passionate friend.

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