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HISTORY - The Alley of the Kiss: Star-Crossed Lovers of Guanajuato City

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

The tragedies that befall the mining industry are still with us today, as horrific disasters continue to claim innocent lives, but the tale of Guanajuato's Alley of the Kiss is a tragedy of romantic proportions.

Allegedly based on true events, this tragic story of star-crossed love began in Guanajuato's silver mines, where a poor young miner spied the daughter of a well-to-do investor, and the two fell in love at first sight. Many late-night clandestine meetings followed, and the young miner learned the young woman's bedroom balcony backed onto a narrow alley that nearly touched the balcony of the apartment on the other side. Saving all of his earnings, the desperate courter managed to rent himself this apartment, and the two young lovers would meet there at night, where he could climb over to her room so they could touch lips and kiss in secret.

As rumors spread like wildfire, this secret affair became the gossip of town, and soon it befell the ears of the young woman's father. Outraged by the disgrace such shame of a poor miner spoiling the innocence of his upper-class daughter could have on his family, the father stayed up late to spy on the two lovers. Witnessing their passionate kiss from below the daughters balcony, the father flew into a rage. He stormed into her room, startling the lovers. Terrified, the young miner attempted to jump back to his balcony, but the father caught him by the heel and sent him over the edge, to his death. The young woman cried out in anguish, but her father was so enraged, he clobbered her to death.

Feeling immediately ashamed for his treacherous crimes, the father repented, but his wife could never forgive him. He died a few years later, and was said to be crazy.

It is believed the ghosts of the star-crossed lovers still meet on the young woman's balcony at night, and bless all lovers who come there to kiss below, in the alley where the young miner died.

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When we visit Guanajuato City, we will arrange for an enchanting visit to the Alley of the Kiss, following a street performance by musicians who will entertain us with this tragic and passionate tale. This is just one of many activities we will enjoy in the opulent and historically rich city of Guanajuato!

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