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ARTISAN PRODUCT - El Generalisimo: Walnut Infused Mezcal

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Sisters are certainly worth more than their weight in gold! More than three years ago, Mezcaleria San Miguel owner Omar Alejandre Reyes looked to the abundance of fresh nuts growing on his sisters walnut tree at her home in El Cristo, Patzcuaro, which was their childhood neighborhood, and the notion came to mind, that Mezcal might be really special, with a walnut infusion.

On June 24, 2019, Omar harvested and crushed dozens upon dozens of walnuts into a garaffon of his own Cupreata Mezcal, which was grown and produced in Michoacan. His original intention was to age the mezcal until December 24th of that year. When December came, Omar's patience got the better of him, and he decided to keep aging the spirit, watching as the color deepened into a gorgeous gem-like tone.

The other night, I was fortunate to be working with Omar on a special project, when he decided it was time to share his nutty experiment with another fellow mezcal aficionado. What a delightful treat! I still cannot put my finger on what it reminds me of, from my childhood samplings from my parents special-occasion beverages, but I knew right away that the "nuez" he had used, was walnut.

Robust and rich, nutty, a touch sweet, and delicate come to mind, and at 42% alcohol content, this is a special dessert aperitif and wonderful compliment to have with rice pudding, cheese cake, Christmas pudding, drizzled over vanilla ice cream, or even on its own with a handful of candied walnuts. (Vanilla ice cream, candied walnuts and walnut mezcal in one bowl sounds like heaven). I'm sure any foodies out there, will have lots of delectable ideas for this lovely and limited mezcal.

Mezcaleria San Miguel is releasing this limited edition of mezcal this Sunday, November 20, 2022. Available in 1/4 Litre bottles for $350 MXN or 1/2 Litre bottles for $700 MXN, this special treat is just on time for American Thanksgiving and Christmas! Diose and I are making candied walnuts this weekend, for anyone who has some dessert ideas for the upcoming season (price TBA). If you aren't going to be here on Sunday, but would like to reserve a bottle, please contact me for more information. We can reserve your order for a later pick-up date!

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