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"Love is like a butterfly: It goes where it pleases, and it pleases wherever it goes." - Unknown

Sierra Chincua Monarch Butterfly Reserve

Thanks to Lucy Barnard and her family for booking this custom tour with Dr. Pablo Jaramillo Lopez.  Lucy is on an incredible journey, walking from the southern tip of Argentina to the northern tip of Alaska, with the company of her beloved dog Wombat.  I was fortunate to befriend this courageous warrioress while staying at Bela`s B&B in San Cristobal de las Casas in November, and so honoured that she booked a tour to travel with Dr. Jaramillo to the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere.  We met on January 4 in Tlalpujahua, enjoyed dinner and lecture, then hiked into the Sierra Chincua Monarch Reserve the following day.  Unfortunately, the weather was very cold so the butterflies did not leave their cluster.  This is something that happens when the weather is frigid, and we are grateful the guests understood that it´s part of nature. 

To  follow Lucy Barnard`s brave adventure, please check out her blog here!




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