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February 11-12, 2024

Price:  $5400 MXN (For 12-18 Guests) includes tour led by award winning scientist Dr. Pablo Jaramillo Lopez, return ground transport from San Miguel de Allende, Patzcuaro & Morelia, educational lecture and entrance fees to the UNESCO protected Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary.  Comfortable Hotel & Breakfast  is included.  A portion of the price is donated to important science research about the Monarch Butterfly Migration.  Discretionary tips & donations separate.  

"Fresh air is as good for the mind as for the body. Nature always seems trying to talk to us as if she had some great secret to tell. And so she has." 

- John Lubbock



A journey to the Monarch wintering grounds is a cathartic experience.  Hiking and riding through the Oyamel forests, with monarchs fluttering through the trees, congregating in the creek-beds, and feeding on the colorful nectar plants is a bewildering sight to see.

Join Dr. Pablo Jaramillo Lopez & Copper Moon Travels for a mesmerizing and educational experience in the UNESO protected Monarch Butterfly Biosphere.  Learn about Dr. Jaramillo`s award winning research in the reserves, along with fascinating facts about monarch butterfly habitats, migration, obstacles they face and solutions we can all be a part of.  Dr. Jaramillo`s Hope for the Monarchs presentation is a solution-based and inspiring presentation, followed by group discussion. 


Arrive curious and depart feeling empowered... 


  • Scientist-led journey to the UNESCO Protected Monarch Butterfly Reserve

  • Overnight in the enchanting Pueblo Magico Tlalpujahua, with time to explore

  • Hope for the Monarchs Lecture by Dr. Pablo Jaramillo 

  • Scientist-led Monarch Butterfly Tour with Dr. Pablo Jaramillo

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Quick Info

START: San Miguel & Patzcuaro

FINISH:  San Miguel & Patzcuaro


DATES:  Feb 11-12, 2024

GROUP:  10-18 Guests

AGE:  Adults Only


PRICE:  $5400 MXN

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Quick Info
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Trip Itinerary

Day One

Sunday February 11, 2024:  Tlalpujahua Bound

We have two groups for this tour, one in Patzcuaro and the other in San Miguel de Allende.  We will each depart at 9:45 AM for the beautiful Pueblo Magico village of Tlalpujahua.  Arriving at approximately 2 PM, we will have lunch and explore the galleries.  If you would like to visit the Dos Estrellas Mine, we also can arrange this, though the small entrance fee is not included.    

This evening we will have dinner and enjoy a lecture about Monarch Butterflies, entitled Hope for the Monarchs.  Dr. Pablo Jaramillo presents a fascinating presentation with visuals and interesting stories, facts, theories and hypotheses about the butterflies, their habitats and endangered migration and his award winning research.  This lecture offers hope because Dr. Jaramillo presents solutions that include our participation in the survival of this migration through being informed.  We will enjoy discussion time following the lecture, in a casual and comfortable setting.

Day Two

Monday February 12, 2024:  Stairway to Heaven

This morning we will meet for breakfast at 9:00 and depart for the UNESCO Protected Monarch Butterfly Biosphere at 10:00 AM.  Upon arriving, guests may choose to ride or hike up the large staircase that leads to the largest known colony of Monarchs in Mexico.  We will have lunch here before departing for San Miguel de Allende & Patzcuaro around 2.00, arriving between 6.6:30 PM. 

If we get 10-18 per group, we can offer this from San Miguel de Allende, Queretaro, Mexico City, Patzcuaro and Morelia on other dates.  If you are in Guanajuato City, please contact us for information on another tour that is departing from there in late February.  That tour will also include Dr. Jaramillo.

Regional Map

Trip Itinerary
Reginal Map

Getting Here

We will pick guests up on whatever days we are able to gather 10 guests.  Please contact us directly for more info.

Getting Here
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Tour Considerations

Altitude:  The butterflies hibernate at a high altitude, which reaches close to 11,000 feet at some reserves.  As the butterflies move throughout the season, we will take our direction upon arrival.  Guests who require oxygen, have COPD, or who suffer from altitude sickness should avoid this tour.

Tour Difficulty:  Other than altitude, we will approach steep inclines at El Rosario, and less at Sierra Chincua. 

Photography:  If you are taking close-up photos of local people, please ask their permission first.  For the butterflies, bring your telephoto lens if you have one!  


Smart Phone Slow Motion:  Bring your smart phone so you can fim the monarchs in slow motion.  As they flutter about so quickly, using the slow motion feature is a great way to film them. 

Respect Fellow Travelers:  Being punctual is incredibly important for keeping our schedule fluid.  Traffic can delay our guides and you, but please make an effort to be early, rather than late.  If you have a complaint about the tour, please wait until you can take your tour leader aside to discuss your issue. 


Read the Itinerary:  It is important that guests read the itinerary and pay attention to verbal instructions.  Please be mindful of your team leaders and fellow travelers by paying attention.  Often, we spend too much time answering text messages and questions that are already detailed in the itinerary.  We will have hard copies for you, when you arrive, so you can keep it handy.   We will also do a recap in the evening, to remind you of the next days activities.  

Food:  Corn is the staple of Mexican cuisine, and vegetarian options are limited.  If you have allergies or specific food preferences, please drop us a note.

What to Bring:  We highly recommend a hat with brim or visor, sunscreen, bug repellant, sun glasses and a refillable water bottle.

Footwear:  A pair of lightweight and sturdy hiking boots are recommended for hiking trails.  A change of shoes is wonderful to change into at night.

Clothing:  Long pants and sleeves are recommended, as we will be at a high altitude. 

Walking/Hiking Sticks:  We recommend collapsible walking poles if you have trouble with your knees. 

Flexibility:  Traffic can change our logistics without a moments notice.  Please expect to be flexible, and understand that the traffic situation is beyond our control (as is the weather).

Weather:  Please be equipped with an umbrella, poncho, and sturdy footware.  During the day, it can reach warm temperatures, while at night it is chilly, so having layers is advised.

Tour Considerations
Artcles of Interest
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Meet the Methuselah Generation

By Jennifer Bjarnason

Dr. Pablo Jaramillo Lopez.jpg


Dr. Pablo Jaramillo Lopez

PhD in Soil & Soil Restoration

Official Biography

Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is this tour?  This tour is challenging due to the altitude, but if you are able to hike, it´s more than likely that you won´t have any serious issues.  As we only spend the day in the reserves, rather than a prolonged period, we have not had any guests fall ill from altitude sickness.  If you have COPD or need an oxygen tank, unfortunately this tour is off limits.  

Is Michoacan safe?  Michoacan has a history of various crimes, but most of the danger in our state is far away, in an area called Tierra Caliente (near the coast).  We still recommend dressing-down, refraining from flashing electronics around, and if you are really nervous, carry a second (fake) wallet with a tiny amount of cash and some expired cards.

Can I brush my teeth with tap water?  Most of us who live here use the tap water to brush our teeth, but if you are sensitive and worried about it, please follow your instincts and use purified water.

How can I prevent stomach bugs?  We recommend a daily dose of Yakult, which is a probiotic drink available everywhere in Mexico.  Just ask us, and we will help you!

What will the weather be like?  We expect dry weather, but it can rain at a moments notice.  Please be prepared.

Any other questions?  Please visit our main FAQ`s Page or write to us with your questions!

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Reserve or Cancel
Payment Methods

Price & Inclusions

Price for overnight tour

$5400 MXN Each based on shared accommodations for 2

Single Supplement for a private room is $700 MXN

If you want to share a room between 3-4 people, please contact us for price information.  Some rooms have 2 beds, so could be shared between 3-4 people for a reduced price.


  • Scientific Lecture entitled Hope for the Monarchs

  • Scientist led tour to the Sierra Chincua Monarch Reserve

  • Breakfast at the Hotel

  • Entrance Fees to the ParK

  • Return transportation from San Miguel de Allende

  • This tour raises important funds for Dr. Jaramillo´s research in the reserves

Reserve or Cancel

We require a 25% non-refundable deposit to confirm your tour.

The full non-refundable balance is due 2 months before your tour starts, which means for this tour, we require full payment in advance.  This is so we can secure the hotel reservation, deposit for the van, etc.

We do not refund your tour unless we (or you) are able to find someone to take your place.  In that event, we still subtract our banking fees if we are able to make a refund possible.  If the new guest can send you funds directly, you will receive a full refund.

Payment Methods


We accept payment through WISE. If you do not have a WISE account, it takes 4 simple steps.  Some accounts will take 2-3 days to be verified, as WISE has excellent security in place.  It is recommended to download the WISE App on your phone, as it is easier to use and verify from.


1)  Create an Account: Please click on the link below for a one-time discounted transaction:

2)  You need to enter your banking information and valid photo ID.  The bank information is the same that you would give to anyone sending you a wire transfer.  It does not give anyone access to your account, but allows WISE to connect with your bank.

3)  Once your account is set-up, you will need to transfer money into the account from your bank.  Wise operates like a bank account, but it is an excellent service for international wire transfers because their fees are low, conversion rate is excellent, and you can send money in any currency.  As their rates are guaranteed, we can request the correct amount in Pesos, which you will receive (and pay) in your own country currency.   Unlike traditional wire transfers through chartered banks, a wire transfer through WISE is sent immediately.  If you are paying with a credit card, the transaction can take a couple of days.

4)  Once the account is set up and loaded with money, we will send you a "request" for the amount due.  We request this amount in pesos, but it will automatically convert to your

currency at an excellent exchange rate.

If you normally pay high banking fees to use ATM`s and POS transactions, order a WISE Visa-Debit card.  You will receive a physical card in the mail within 2-3 weeks.  This card can be used to withdraw money from your account, using any international ATM, for a small fee.  If you use your WISE Visa-Debit in stores, restaurants, etc, you pay zero fees. 


If you prefer us to send you an invoice through STRIPE, we charge 4%, as their fees are 4.5% on international cards, plus we must pay to withdraw the money because STRIPE does not operate like a bank account.  PLEASE NOTE:  We can only accept STRIPE if your tour is starting 2-3 weeks after payment is made, as STRIPE takes 2+ weeks to pay us.


Unfortunately Venmo & Zelle are only available for US citizens or bank account holders, so we are unable to use these services.


Please contact us for more information!

Price & Inclusions



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