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OCT 28-NOV 2, 2023                    CULTURAL OBSERVATION                    $ 16,000 MXN      

"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die"

- Thomas Campbell

Patzcuaro`s liveliest party marks the start of this incredible and extensive exploration of Dia de Muertos this year.  La Fiesta de las Catrinas is a feast for the dead, and will be held at a local restaurant in Patzcuaro this year.

Visit fields of Marigolds, construct a traditional Noche de Muertos altar, attend a fascinating lecture, and embark on two evenings that mark the most important indigenous tradition of the Púrepecha. 

Quick Information

START:  Patzcuaro, Michoacan

FINISH:  Patzcuaro, Michoacan

DATES:  Oct 28—Nov 2, 2023

GROUP:  16 Adults

DIFFICULTY:  Some Stairs

PRICE:  $16,000



Photo Gallery


Trip Itinerary


Day 1:  Saturday October 28, 2023

Hotel Location:  Patzcuaro


Bienvenidos! Welcome to our Dia de Muertos 2023 experience! Our Hidden Treasures of Muertos begins with a welcome dinner.  Guests should arrive in Patzcuaro no later than 5 PM.  We will have a facepainter at the party ready to transform you into La Catrina!

Dinner Included

Drinks & Drink Tips separate

Artisan Creations

Day 2:  Sunday October 29, 2023

Hotel Location:  Patzcuaro


We will depart Patzcuaro this morning at around 9:30 for the Pueblo Magico of Santa Clara del Cobre, where we will watch a copper demonstration and browse through copper galleries in the main square.


We will depart to Capula for lunch and a chance to see the art that is set-up in the market during Capula’s Catrina Festival. From Capula, we will return to Patzcuaro around 5 PM.

All Meals are Separate

Please bring pesos for lunch in the market

Build a Marigold Altar

Day 3:  Monday October 30, 2023

Hotel Location:  Patzcuaro


This morning we will head to the small village of San Pedro to visit a marigold farm. Today’s main activity involves making a traditional altar, which we will use for our offrenda. Teofila Servin of Sanabria has graciously offered to host us at her home, where we will work together on this project, while enjoying lunch.

Lunch is included

All other meals are separate

Velacion de los Angelitos

Day 4:  Tuesday October 31, 2023

Hotel Location:  Patzcuaro

We do not have any formal plans for daytime today, but some guests would like to visit the Island of Janitzio, while some would like to do a cooking class.  This is not included in the cost of our tour, so if you would like to join us, please contact Jennifer directly to make arrangements.


This evening we will meet at 4:30 PM at La Monarca restaurant to assemble our marigold altar, and allow guests time to place a photo of their deceased loved one on the altar. We will enjoy a nice beverage and share a story about the person we are honouring, unless guests are too shy. We will enjoy dinner and our guide Jaime Hernandez will offer us a fascinating lecture about the history and symbolism of Dia de Muertos.


At 8 PM we will depart La Monarca restaurant for a vigil in a nearby village. We will observe offrendas, and bring a gift to our host. We ask guests to please bring $50-$100 Pesos each, for our offering. We will return to Patzcuaro around Midnight.

Altar Gathering includes dinner

Drinks & Drink Tips are separate

Noche de Muertos

Day 5:  Wednesday November 1, 2023

Hotel Location:  Patzcuaro

This morning we will head to the town of Tzintzuntzan to visit the archaeological site prior to having lunch at Las Yacatas. The procession of altars will begin around 1:30 PM, which we will have time to enjoy until our bus departs at 3 PM.


This evening we will meet at La Monarca Restaurant by 6:30 PM for our departure around the lake. We will begin with a traditional meal with a lovely P’urepecha family, before the rest of our evening tour begins. We will not be publishing our tour plans for this evening, as so much of the lake area has already become exploited. Our guide has personal connections in this area, and has secured us personal invitations to some hidden places that remain special and authentic.


We ask guests to refrain from publishing location hashtags or details about the places we visit.


Our tour will end at approximately 4:30 AM at Plaza Chica in Patzcuaro. We will assist guests with taxis to get you home safely, unless you are staying nearby and can walk to your hotel in pairs.


Please note: Due to changes with the boat services, we will be joining another group on Noche de Muertos for our celebrations. Our group will have 3 guides to assist guests, and as we will be in a very quiet area that is mostly void of tourists, we don’t expect this to be an issue. We will travel together on a chartered bus, and enjoy private services for our boat ride.

Lunch and Dinner are included

Drinks & Drink Tips are separate (at lunch)




Team Members


Getting Here

Morelia has the closest airport to Patzcuaro, but guests also fly into CDMX, Leon and Guadalajara, then commute by bus or private driver to our area.


Buses to Morelia arrive from all major cities in central Mexico.  If you bus to Patzcuaro from other parts of Mexico, you will likely need to stop in Morelia for a connecting line.  There are a few direct buses here, but the times are limited.  Please contact us for more information.


Tour Considerations


Patzcuaro is seated at an altitude of 2,140 meters (7020 feet), which requires a period of adjustment for some guests who reside at sea level and struggle with altitude.  We will not be engaging in any strenuous activities, though we will have a number of stairs to climb during our Noche de Muertos tour.


Accommodations are not included for this tour.  Patzcuaro hotels sell-out during Dia de Muertos, so if you are hoping to join our tour, please secure your lodgings ASAP or contact us for assistance.

La Catrina

Many believe La Catrina is part of Dia de Muertos, as she has become so iconic.  Since the production of Spectre (James Bond) and Disney´s Coco, thousands of tourists arrive in the cemeteries wearing Catrina make-up, much to the chagrin of the local Púrepecha elders.  Please do not dress up for our vigil tours, as you will not be permitted to join us in costume.  You may see some Pùrepecha children dressed up, but the adults and elders do not.  We don´t wish to disrespect our hosts, which is why we host a Catrina Party each year.  The issue is not with Catrina herself, but conflating her with a very sacred and ancient tradition has created a huge imposition from outsiders.


If you have any allergies, please contact us.

Tour Difficulty

Noche de Muertos requires guests to climb several stairs in two locations.

It's Rainy Season

Please be prepared for rain.  A rain poncho and umbrella are handy to have in your day bag.  Sturdy footware is recommended, as the cemeteries get muddy when it rains.



Ann Murdy - On the Path of Marigolds.jpg

On the Path of Marigolds: Living Traditions of Mexico´s

Day of the Dead 


Price & Inclusions



The price of $16,000 MXN per person is based on cost sharing for up to 16 guests.  This price does not include your hotel or majority of meals.

Drinks, Drink Tips, and other discretionary tips for your guides and housekeeping services are not included.

List of Sites & Activities

Catrina Party & Dinner (Face-paint + drinks & drink tips separate)

Art Studio Tour

Harvest Marigolds and Build and Altar

Lunch in Sanabria

Altar Party Dinner & Lecture

Velacion de los Angelitos

Procession of Altars in Tzintzuntzan

Lunch in Tzintzuntzan

Dinner TBA for Noche de Muertos

Noche de Muertos tour includes boat ride

Reserve Tour

Total Price:  $16,000 MXN

Deposit:  $4,000 MXN

The deposit is non-refundable

Full non-refundable balance is due by September 28, 2024

Payment Methods


Canadians can e-transfer deposit to

All guests can make deposit through WISE by following this link:

We now have STRIPE available.  All transactions are subject to an additional 4% to cover our processing fees.


Please contact Jennifer at



Jennifer Bjarnason





+52 443 639 2782

If you would like us to call you, please email or text us to set up an appointment.