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Resplendent Quetzal



Tuxtla Gutierrez to Villahermosa Feb 19-29, 2024

Max Price is $65,000 MXN including tour with experienced Ornithologist, biologist and cultural expert, all ground & boat transport, hotels, meals, activities and entrance fees.  Drinks + Drink Tips & discretionary tips are separate.

"Birds chirping around you is a beautiful realization that life is incredibly good. Let this sound be a gentle break in your routine.." - Hiral Nagda


The smoke-filled air of a chilly mountain town, and the signature of woven threads that identify ones village are part of what intrigues visitors who travel through these mystical and powerful landscapes.

Waking up in the shroud of a tranquil pine forest, and setting out to swim in mother earths pristine and natural fountains, the aroma of traditional cooking, and power of ancient stones that were placed by the hands of humankind more than one thousand years ago - these are some of the experiences of Chiapas.  


  • Bird watch in nature reserves around San Cristobal de las Casas

  • Stay in the UNESCO protected Montebello Lakes Cloud Forest

  • Visit the Amber and Textile Museums in San Cristobal de las Casas

  • Visit authentic Maya villages to meet local weavers

  • Visit El Chiflon and Agua Azul Waterfalls

  • Bird watch at the ancient cities of Chinkultic, Tenam Puente and Palenque

  • Enjoy a fascinating lecture about invasive bird species in Mexico

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Quick Info

START:  Tuxtla-Gutierrez, Chiapas

FINISH:  Villahermosa, Tabasco

NIGHTS:  11 Nights / 12 Days

DATES:  Feb 19 —29, 2024

GROUP:  14 Guests

AGE:  40+ (Private for all ages)

DIFFICULTY:  Some hills & stairs

PRICE: $65,000 MXN

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Quick Info

Trip Itinerary

Monday February 19, 2024: Welcome to Mexico

Hotel:  Bela`s B&B in San Cristobal de las Casas

Please be in Tuxtla Gutierrez by 10 AM.  We will pick you up and Visit Canyon del Sumidero

Tuesday February 20, 2024: Weaving & Mysticism of the Maya

Hotel:  Bela`s B&B in San Cristobal de las Casas

Birding at the Orchid Reserve.  Visit Zinacantan and San Juan Chamula

Wednesday February 21, 2024 Early Bird Gets the Worm

Hotel:  Bela`s B&B, San Cristobal de las Casas

Bird watch at Gruta del Mamut & El Arcotete.  Visit Textile Collection and market

Thursday February 22, 2024:  UNESCO Protected Waters

Hotel:  Cabanas Junkolal Tziscao, Lake Tziscao

Pottery class in Amatenango.  Transfer to Lake Tziscao in Montebello Lake National Park

Friday February 23, 2024:  Search for the Elusive Quetzal

Hotel:  Cabanas Junkolal Tziscao, Lake Tziscao

Bird watch at the ancient city of Chinkultic in this beautiful cloud forest

Saturday February 24, 2024: Enchanting Waters of El Chiflon

Hotel:  Hotel Jardin de Tereza, Comitan

Bird watch at the ancient city of Tenam Puente.  Soak in the turquoise waters of El Chiflon.

Sunday February 25, 2024The Long and Winding Road

Hotel:  Finca Vallescondido, Selva Lacandona

Early morning departure for Agua Azul and Selva Lacandona

Monday February 26, 2024: Place of Black Stones

Hotel:  Finca Vallescondido, Selva Lacandona

Bird Watch in the local area and unwind at the beautiful lodge

Tuesday February 27, 2024Tomb of the Red Queen

Hotel:  Finca Vallescondido, Selva Lacandona

Early morning bird watching at the ancient city of Palenque

Wednesday February 28, 2024:  Colossal Olmec Heads

Hotel:  Sleep Inn Villahermosa

Early morning bird watching.  Transfer to Parque la Venta in Villahermosa

Thursday February 29, 2024:  Home Sweet Home

Fly from Villahermosa Airport

Optional tour for guests to stay an extra night and visit the ancient Maya city of Comalcalco

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Trip Itinerary
Regional Map

Getting Here

If you would like to visit the iconic Canyon del Sumidero, please land at the Tuxtla Gutierrez Airport by 10 AM.  (Some guests are arriving 2 days early, while others are flying in very early through Mexico City that morning.)  There are  flights from Mexico City and Guadalajara that land at around 10 AM.  The 5 AM flight from Cancun also arrives at 10:20 AM, but is directed through Mexico City.  If you arrive a day early, you can get direct flights to Tuxtla from Cancun.  


When we depart, you can fly from Villahermosa in the morning, but if you would like to stay and visit Comalcalco to see this intriguing ancient Maya city, please book your flight after 3 PM so we have time to get you to the airport for check-in. 


Questions?  Please contact us for more information.

Getting Here

Tour Considerations

Altitude:  San Cristobal de las Casas is seated at an altitude of 2,200 meters (7217 feet), which requires a period of adjustment for some guests who reside at sea level.  If you get tired on our walking tour in the city, please don´t hesitate to let us know you need to rest.  We can arrange a taxi back to the hotel for you, or ask the group if they are also ready for a break so you may rest.

Tour Difficulty:  Other than altitude, we will approach some inclines and terraced archaeological sites with uneven steps, and muddy trails.  If mobility is an issue for you, please contact us to discuss which tours you may want an alternate activity for.

Insects etc:  In Selva Lacandona, there are tarantulas, scorpions and venemous snakes present.  These do not generally pose a risk to tourists, but it is wise to stay cognizant of your surroundings, and watch your step.  Long sleeves and full length pants are recommended in the jungle, despite the hot weather, due to the insects.  This also helps reduce risk of sunburn.

Photography:  Photographs are prohibited in the church of San Juan Chamula, but permitted during our other tours. If you are taking close-up photos of local people, please ask their permission first.  

Respect Fellow Travelers:  Being punctual is incredibly important for keeping our schedule fluid.  Traffic can delay our guides and you, but please make an effort to be early, rather than late.  If you have a complaint about the tour, please wait until you can take your tour leader aside to discuss your issue. 


Read the Itinerary:  It is important that guests read the itinerary and pay attention to verbal instructions.  Please be mindful of your team leaders and fellow travellers by paying attention.  Often, we spend too much time answering text messages and questions that are already detailed in the itinerary.  We will have hard copies for you, when you arrive, so you can keep it handy.   We will also do a recap in the evening, to remind you of the next days activities.  

Food:  Corn is the staple of Mexican cuisine, and vegetarian options are limited.  If you have allergies or specific food preferences, please drop us a note.

What to Bring:  We highly recommend a hat with brim or visor, sunscreen, bug repellant, sun glasses and a refillable water bottle.

Footwear:  A pair of lightweight and sturdy hiking boots are recommended for hiking trails, especially in the jung